The Housing Focus Group

1. Aim to protect the character, qualities and identity of the shared landscape setting by effectively managing the impact of any future growth and maintaining the spatial and qualitative relationships between the parishes.

 2. Safeguard the rich heritage of the four parishes, including  their listed buildings, conservation areas and Steyning’s unique High Street.

 3. Secure the role of Steyning as a local hub and co-ordinate its functions with neighbouring parishes, via their neighbourhood plan, to achieve a comprehensive,balanced and complementary mix of community facilities, employment,education and tourism opportunities.

 4. Encourage and support tourism, the local retail and business community,paying  particular attention to the agricultural community present in all four parishes.

  5. Plan for some additional housing to meet local needs,changing demographics and to provide a more balanced housing mix,in particular for local affordability and elderly down sizers.

 6. Support initiatives to deliver local needs housing and community facilities which are community led and enable community ownership and management of assets.

7. Identify sites for the delivery of the SWABNP that are sympathetic to the scale, topography and character of the parishes that will not have a detrimental impact on either the character of the parishes or their shared setting.